Daily Round Up

A genocide foretold: A collection of (in retrospect)chilling quotes about the strong possibility of a genocide/mass killing if the VRS entered Srebrenica-in 1992/1993. Another person to add would be Lt. Rex Dudley, an American intelligence officer who entered Srebrenica in the chaotic days of April, 1993. While he made (as far as I know) no public statement on the subject at the time, according to his account in Sheri Fink’s “War Hospital,” he also warned his superiors that a takeover of the town would result in a genocide.

Crossing fingers: “Bosnia lays basis for long-awaited budget.”  “We have made a basis for the Finance Ministry to draw up a budget, about which I feel very satisfied,” [Prime Minister Vjekoslav]Bevanda said. “This will ensure the functioning of state institutions.”

At the Hague: As his war crimes trial-cum-reality show comes to an end, a profile of Vojislav Seselj. While at the start of his trial, Ratko Mladic’s attorney argues that accepting established facts from previous ICTY verdicts, prevents his client from getting a fair trial.

A short entry on some unsung heroes of the Sarajevo Siege:


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